Parent Organization: Student Clubs and Organizations

What is Circle K International?

Circle K International (CKI) is the world's largest collegiate organization dedicated to service and leadership development. It is not the size of the organization, however, which gives it its identity or provides it with its primary source of pride and satisfaction. Rather, it's the mission and the objects of the organization that set CKI apart from other student organizations.


The Mission of CKI

To involve college and university students in campus and community service while developing quality leaders and citizens. CKI inspire people to better our world. In support of this we are committed to:

* Collaborating with all members of the Kiwanis Family to achieve our common objectives;
* Continuing student management of the organization at all levels;
* Developing positive role models;
* Enhancing inter-cultural understanding of the organization at all levels;
* Developing our service potential;
* Providing opportunities for fellowship, personal growth, and professional development;
* Working towards greater public recognition of CKI.


Obtained from newenglandcirclek.org

CKI is dedicated to serving the community and helping wherever is needed.

Address Circle K OSIL Room 103
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater, MA 02325
United States