Parent Organization: Student Clubs and Organizations

Phi Pi Delta is a multi-faceted co-educational fraternity bound together by the common ideas of its members and the individuality inherent in those ideas. Founded not upon a mystic standard of perfection, but on the strength and growth of purpose, which we feel. No member of Phi Pi Delta must reach a least common denominator or be submerged to change one's character and goals. A member of Phi Pi Delta is the person he or she chooses to be rather than one of a group of students with the same opinions.

Phi Pi Delta sees a fraternity as a basis for a well-rounded college life, and ourselves as a balance of the social and intellectual aspects of fraternity life. Our membership is made up of a diverse group of students who choose to work with the students and the administration of the college as they strive for the betterment of the college community.

In the fifty years that Phi Pi Delta has been recognized at Bridgewater State College, we have remained a small close-knit fraternity. Phi Pi Delta is a plethora of pride and tradition. To the brothers and sisters of Phi Pi Delta, tradition is of the utmost importance.