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WBIM 91.5 FM is the official radio station of Bridgewater State University. Entirely student-run, WBIM aims to provide quality radio programs to Bridgewater State University hosted entirely by Bridgewater students and alumni.

Accounting and Finance Club (ACFI Club)

The Accounting and Finance Club is a student run academic club open to all BSU students interested in accounting and finance. Our club functions in the hopes of helping fellow students gain knowledge about future careers in accounting and finance.

Adventure Role-Playing Club (ARPC)

The ARPC exists as a social and cultural club to explore, understand and encourage members of the college to take part in the sub-culture of role-playing, often in the form of live-action or tabletop games. More simply put, we're the LARP and RPG club.

African American Society (Afro-Am)

The Afro-Am Society is an organization open to all students of any race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age who want to educate and celebrate the African-American culture. The Afro-Am Society raises awareness through many

African Student Association (A.S.A.)

The African Student Association (ASA) is an organization that is open to all students regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, that are interested in embracing and celebrating the remarkably diverse Africa and her cultures.

Alpha Eta Rho (AHP)

Alpha Eta Rho is an co-ed international professional aviation fraternity. We have four purposes: -To Further the Cause of Aviation in all of its Branches. -To Instill in the Public Mind a Confidence in Aviation. -To Promote Contacts Between

Alpha Omega Club (Full Life Ministry)

The Alpha Omega Club seeks to enrich students and/or faculty on the subject of Christianity based purely on what the Bible says, including things like faith, reason, and spirituality. We also want our club to be a place of learning and fellowship.

Alpha Sigma Tau (AST)

Alpha Sigma Tau strives to encourage the development of women as leaders and sisters. We build confidence and work towards cultivating positive relationships with those we come in contact with.

American Marketing Association Bridgewater State University Chapter (AMA)

BSU AMA is a student-run professional business organization that offers students the opportunity to learn necessary skills and leadership to prepare for a future in the business world. We extend our welcome to all majors on campus.

Anime Club

The Bridgewater State Anime Club's objective is to view various anime as well as take part in Japanese cultural experiences in the surrounding area. Also, we host panels and screenings that provide members a deeper understanding of the anime fandom.

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